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Is there a charge?

Recently a customer asked what they owe us. We explained that they don’t owe us anything, only the insurance company for the premium of their policy. The customer was shocked and said “you just did all that work for me for nothing?! I thought there was a fee.”

Unlike insurance agents that only represent one company, a independent insurance agent or broker represents consumers by being able to offer multiple insurance companies and products.

Now, some insurance brokers do charge a fee. It is allowed. There are restrictions according to a specific state guidelines on how much they can charge. At Sincerity Insurance Solutions, we have decided to not charge a fee. It is not something that we feel is right for our business model. We love the ability to be able to really look out for our customers best interest by finding them the best coverage at the best price possible. If we charge a fee on top of that well then we are not really doing that all we?

We get paid by the insurance companies. They pay us commission. It varies depending on the state and insurance company. So, the more policies we sell the better off we do. We live off of word of mouth and customer referrals. So if we always look out for the customers best interest then we have return customers and referrals. That is what we feel is best for our agency.

So, to answer the customer from earlier this week. Yes, we do all that for free.


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