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About Sincerity Insurance Solutions

At Sincerity Insurance Solutions we take pride in making insurance easy to understand for our customers. We believe in integrity and honesty.

About Sincerity Insurance Solutions

Hi! I am Melissa Probst, the owner of Sincerity Insurance Solutions. I have been a licensed insurance agent since 2012. I am a single mom of one son, Elijah whom I adopted from foster care in 2009. In my free time I enjoy spending time with Elijah, hiking, spending time with friends and going back home to Wisconsin to see Family. Elijah plays basketball so most weekends are spent doing that.  We moved to Arizona in 2016 and love the warmth that Arizona brings. My favorite part about working in insurance is helping people.  I decided to go independent. What that means is I can sell insurance for many insurance companies. That allows me to advocate better for the customer's needs as I have many options and not just one. A good day is when I can save my customer's some money without cutting the quality or coverage of their policy. 

Though sales is obviously what I do, I do not believe in hard sales tactics. I believe in listening to the customers needs and working on a plan that will solve those needs. I would much rather have a customer for life than to push a plan on a customer. 

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Our Mission

We believe that your family and business are special. We know your needs are special as well. We will work with you to make sure you understand your coverage and that your policy fits your needs.  We understand that insurance can be confusing.  We try to break it down to make it easier to understand. We are here to help!

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