Is it better to Bundle?

There is no set answer to that. The answer is, sometimes it is, and sometimes it is not.

Here is a example:

Company A- Auto $500/year

Company B-Auto $500/year

Company A- Home $1,500 per year

Company B-Home $1,900 per year.

Company A total-$2,000 per year

Company B total-$2,400

Company B gives you a 10% discount for bundling. 10% of $2,400 is $240 savings. So, Company B is still $160 more.

Sometimes it is better to separate the policies too. As a independent insurance agency we play around with the discounts to see if it is better for you to bundle or not. Sometimes we quote it as a bundle (when it makes sense to do so). Sometimes we do not as it does not make sense to do so.

In a independent agency some of the carriers give the customer a discount for having their home and auto in the same agency even if not with the same insurance company/carrier.

Clear as mud?

Basically, the answer is let us take a look at it for you and play the "fun" game of "to bundle or not to bundle".

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