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Home Warranties? Who to go with?

First, just to be clear, home warranties are NOT insurance. That being said you should absolutely read the fine print on a home warranty so you know what is and is not covered just like a insurance policy. One of the most trusted names in the industry is American Home Shield. Sincerity Insurance Solutions can now sell American Home Shield plans at a discounted rate!

We know home warranties get a bad name and rightfully so in some cases. They have a lot of fine print and cover basically nothing. The owner of Sincerity Insurance Solutions, Melissa Probst, has a home warranty through American Home Shield so that should tell you something.

The key is knowing what you are purchasing and going through our agency we will work with you to ensure you understand your plan and if something comes up and you are having trouble with it we can assist you through the process.

Below is just an example of a discounted rate. Rates vary per home.


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