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Are there different rates on flood insurance or is there only FEMA?

I was asked this question this week. I had a customer tell me that they had always purchased from FEMA or the National Flood insurance Program as they thought that was the only option.

Flood insurance DOES come with options. We can help with a FEMA plan or a private insurance plan. Usually the private insurance plans end up being lower cost for our customers. Every house/customer is different so it varies but we can "shop" for the best coverage/price for you when it comes to flood insurance or pretty much any insurance for that matter.

People assume flood insurance is SUPER expensive. Just as an example, this week we wrote a customer in Houston a flood policy, in a flood zone a policy with $225,000 coverage on their home and $100,000 on their belongings with a $1,000 deductible for $400 a year. Again, every situation is different but we have options.


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