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Contractors-Do you understand your coverage?

Being a independent contractor we understand you are busy and that a lot of times you just hope that you are covered correctly. That being said, you need to make sure you are covered correctly. A few years ago I reviewed a plumbers policy. I noticed that he did not have Inland Marine coverage for his tools. I know when I said "marine" you are thinking I don't need boat coverage for my business.

It is not that. To put it in easy to understand way, I will put it this way. Inland Marine coverage for your tools can be added on to your policy. What this does it covers your tools when you are out. We know that your tools are not just at your shop or house as, need them to do your job. If you don't have this coverage you are not covered away from your shop or home. (There may be exceptions.)

A year after I added this coverage on after reviewing the plumbers policy he had his truck broken into and all of his tools were taken. If we would not have added this it would not been covered as it happened on a job site and not at his shop.

Are you covered correctly for your business? I can take a look and we can go over it. Free, no obligation reviews. or 602-833-8444

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