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Insurance Agent Vs Broker. What is the difference?

Insurance can be confusing for clients. I get it. I could not do your job and it is hard for you to understand mine. I'm going to try to make it clear for you.

An captive insurance agent is an agent contracted to only sell for one insurance company. A Insurance broker is a licensed insurance professional that is appointed with multiple insurance companies. That means they can "shop" around for you. They can compare the different companies rates, coverage, etc to find the best fit for your family or business.

  • Captive: Agents that work for just one company and are called a “captive” of that company. They only sell policies for a single insurance provider.

  • Independent: Agent works as an agent for a number of different insurance companies. They can offer policies from several companies and help customers compare different insurance plans, rates, and policies.

There are pros and cons to each. For example, a Independent broker, such as myself cannot give you the rate for a "captive" company. A captive agent cannot shop around. They can only quote for the insurance company they are contracted with.

The best advice I ca give, is find someone you can trust to advise you in what is in your best interest. I have some great carriers that I am appointed with and can shop around on your behalf. So far this week, I have been able to save families a total of $4,875 per year on their insurance.

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